About Richard*

*That's me!

Hi, I'm Richard Child, and if you have a little time I'd like to introduce myself. I actually studied 3D Design at University, but one day we were asked to build a digital portfolio using tools such as Moonfruit and Wix.

I remember being annoyed that I couldn’t customise the design, so I started learning web development on Treehouse.

IxDA Milan 2020
trivago Design booth at IxDA Milan 2020.

Whilst living in Düsseldorf I joined a writing group, and since then I’ve been writing poetry and short stories. As an example, here’s a limerick that I wrote:

Did you hear about a man called John
Who makes tea every morning at dawn
He stares at the kettle
As dust starts to settle
Maybe he should try turning it on?

I’ve always loved Limericks. Douglas Adams is my favourite author, and it’s that style of humour that I enjoy. You can read more of my writing over at Richard Writes.

One of my greatest achievements is cycling from Falmouth to Milan, raising money for charity. The route was over 1000 miles, taking our team 2 weeks to complete. I finished my first half marathon well under 2 hours, with a time of 1:59:59.